The decay of immortality

My work is guided and, more so affected by strong emotions. Discovering their source, and furthermore, understanding their essence, has become my point of research for the past year. Moving away from the surface value of the image to uncover the core of its creation, with the aim of implementing my findings into my work. I wish to produce the same emotions in people who interact with my creations and deepen the point of desire beyond just the surface value that they possess.

That being said, the project you see in front of you was inspired by a piece of text I wrote after collecting a photograph “that was calling to me” at a flea market in Paris.

I placed it in my sketchbook, as I often do with the things that intrigue me.

I started writing (you will encounter the text in a moment as you scroll down).

But let me tell you something: it is by no means a masterpiece, nor is it worthy of being published. However, what it does hold is a strong emotion captured in a couple of sentences, forever embedded on a piece of paper by the words used to create it.

And at the end of the day, that is precisely what I need — something that will make me feel. A potent emotion that I use as fuel to create.

After cultivating a range of ideas, both written and visual, I moved forward with the narrative I aimed to convey.

Armed with the emotion that moved me, along with the ideas it sparked, I built a structure of thought.

Firstly, I aimed to capture a fleeting moment by draping fabric in a way that would forever preserve and protect the emotion from the passage of time. (To me, there’s nothing quite as emotional as the graceful flow of fabric.)

Next, while the soft drape could hold the emotion, I needed something more to keep it safe. So, I delved into library books about clothing that had survived for hundreds of years, hoping to find what I was searching for. After a while, I found what I needed – a simple note I’d made about “the posture of the garment.”

With these elements in place, the groundwork was laid for the development that comes next.