The Malnourished

The Malnourished collection delves deep into the research of various skin diseases, covering both their physical manifestations, as well as the unseen conditions they cause.

On the one hand, trying to develop a textile manipulation that would physically resemble the shape and texture of these diseases. And on the other hand, exploring the emotions that lie hidden underneath the veil of depression, loneliness, anxiety, and most of all, the sense of being an outcast. Thus deforming the silhouettes in hopes of capturing these emotions in the very fabric of the clothes themselves.

With the aim of using such a condition that is socially almost always a topic of mockery (especially in the early stages of growing up) and creating silhouettes that would glorify them instead of laughing at them.

Coming from a person who struggled with severe acne growing up, I know the scars it can leave on your confidence (and I can only imagine how people with more severe conditions must feel).

My aim is not just for the outfits to be put on a pedestal but also for the people who struggle with these conditions. Creating looks that slowly uncover the face, step by step, look by look. So that a person can choose at which stage they feel comfortable and proceed from there.

As far as fabrics go, they come from upcycled suits and deconstructed and reconstructed secondhand pieces. But the focal point of the collection is the cork material, a 100% natural fabric derived from the cork oak tree. In addition, the cork was covered with 10-year-old tulle that I found in my professor’s storage. The tulle was treated with the Shibori manipulation technique, which was inspired by the various skin diseases mentioned above.

Runway photos from the NOIZZ Fashion Award Boris Trivan – Belgrade Fashion Week 2019

The collection was also showcased during the AW Serbia Fashion Week 2019.
Where it won The Fashion Talent Design Competition (FTDC) 2019, and The European Fashion Union- Milano Fashion Week 2020 award.