The Pillow suit

Getting up for your 9 a.m. Zoom meeting every single day is hard enough as it is, but the fact that that camera needs to be turned on just makes things harder for everyone. So the first obstacle you have to face when you wake up is having to assemble all of your sheer will power in order to get out of your bed and walk like a zombie to your office (usually your kitchen table). If you are lucky enough, you will make it to the kitchen at about 8.45 am. which leaves you with about 15 minutes to get dressed, put some makeup on, and make yourself a cup of coffee. The problem with this routine is that you do not get your breakfast in on time, which leads to you having to eat in between meetings. Consequently resulting in you losing your much needed beauty naps.

Being a person that really cherishes his daily naps, I was deeply inspired by this problem and wanted to do my part in helping our businesswomen that are working from home during these crazy times. That’s precisely why I created The Pillow Suit. With an entire pillow integrated into the basis of a suit it provides you with the much-needed cushiness throughout the entire day, plus, you never have to worry about leaving your favorite pillow in bed, you can take it with you wherever you go.  

The Pillow suit was created by, firstly tailoring and adapting an old pillow to the body of a tailor’s dummy. Secondly, I had to figure out a way to integrate the pillow into the construction of a suit. Which meant that the suit needed to be tailored to the pillow in order to create a coherent bond between the two. Finally, all that was left was to cover the surface of the pillow with a new pillow-like fabric.