The Malnourished

The Malnourished collection was inspired by the feeling of depression, loneliness, anxiety, and most of all, the sense of being an outcast. Because we are constantly being fed lies about how we should look, behave, what is socially acceptable and what isn’t. Hence, rendering us malnourished.

The fabric comes from upcycled suits, and deconstructed and reconstructed secondhand pieces. But the focal point of the collection is the cork material, a 100% natural fabric that is derived from the cork oak tree. In addition, the cork was covered with 10-year-old tulle that I found in my professor’s storage. The tulle was treated with the Shibori manipulation technique, which was inspired by various skin diseases.

The Malnourished was showcased during the AW Belgrade Fashion Week 2019.
Where I won The NOIZZ Fashion Award Boris Trivan 2019.

The collection was also showcased during the AW Serbia Fashion Week 2019.
Where I won The Fashion Talent Design Competition (FTDC) 2019, and The European Fashion Union- Milano Fashion Week 2020 award.

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